Many thanks for a great book sale

November 27, 2015
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
The JF Library Foundation just concluded another successful Book Sale, thanks to the outstanding efforts of our Library Foundation volunteers and the many community residents who donated their books, DVDs and CDs to this semi-annual event.
Spearheading the volunteers were Betsey Hall and Joanne Hall. Our sincere appreciation to the entire group, including Mary Bess, Jo Brookhart, Sue Fuller, Howard Hall, Joan Hall, Nancy Lingeman, Nancy Lyons, Jean Nethery, Neil Rietz, Patience Rockey, Perry Smiley, Pam Wham and Carol Wythes. Thanks also should go to the Library Foundation’s Jon Bednerik and Peter Scott.
Thank you to the Library staff – Toni Vanover, Librarian and Branch Manager, and to Library Associates Mary Vickers and Chris Thompson – who assist us during the year in taking in the book donations. We also thank rare book expert Paul Csank, who evaluates the special books. Thank you as well to David Bartels of the Lee County Parks and Recreation Department for his assistance this year.
The funds raised go to support library services and special purchases. Unsold books are donated to Habitat for Humanity, where they go into their resale stores in the area.
Our next sale will be held on Monday and Tuesday, March 14 and 15, and a half-day sale on Wednesday, March 16. We will begin taking books, DVDs and CDs after the New Year and request that donations be brought to the Library Foundation Office on Monday through Friday between 9 and 10 a.m.
Thanks again to all our neighbors for your support.
Candy Hooper
JF Library Foundation