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There are lots of legends in Boca Grande Pass

May 20, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse
I have fished and observed many tournaments over the years and have seen this for myself. I have fished with Capt. Babe Darna and his first mate (and son) Scooter many times, and caught my first tarpon with them. If you listened to them, you would catch a tarpon. Period. Same with Capt. Sandy Melvin. That guy will keep you hopping in the quest to catch a tarpon, snook, redfish, whatever it is you’re angling for. Think you’re going to enjoy a cup of coffee while getting your line wet with Capt. Sandy? Wrong. You’re working it, and he’s showing you how every second. Every fish I just named – and more – I caught with Sandy Melvin. (Walking the dog on the backwater is almost as good as tarpon fishing, believe me.) But the weirdest thing I ever saw was Capt. Willie Mills call dibs on third place in a tournament almost before the first fish was caught. I’m going to tell a tale on him real quick, and I hope he doesn’t take me to task for it because, honestly, he’s a little scary.

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