Lighthouse Church sends ‘flood buckets’ to Louisiana and Florida

September 9, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

dsc_1312Members of the Lighthouse United Methodist Church of Boca Grande have raised enough money to send fifty “flood buckets,” large plastic tubs full of cleaning supplies, to victims of the floods in Louisiana and the recent hurricane in Florida. It’s part of the church’s Florida Conference “Flood Bucket Challenge” to send 1,860 buckets from the conference, a program instituted by the Bishop’s wife, Pam Carter and Florida Conference Disaster Relief Coordinator Pam Garrison. Reverend Matthew Williams, pastor of the Lighthouse church, remarked, “I’m so pleased the church could turn this project around in so little time. It shows the spirit of the congregation.”
Each bucket is filled to the brim with cleaning supplies such as sponges, handiwipes, disinfectants, soaps, garbage bags, clotheslines and pins, rubber gloves, and the list goes on. They are being collected this week for shipment directly to Louisiana and parts of northern Florida.