LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What a blessing it is to live here

April 3, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor,
Gotta love this town. My golf cart was stolen and wrecked – Angelo (one of the sheriff’s deputies) met me last night and helped me get the steering wheel put together, enough to get the cart to the Barnichol this morning. While I was waiting on Gary to come from the back of the store, Eddie, the contractor from my house and also the one who shot 49 iguanas on my property, (YAY!) pulled up and tightened the bolt.
I then drove to the shop and was washing the cart as Ken from the Pink Pony drove by. I told him some kids stole my cart and wrecked it. He came back 10 minutes later with a brand-new headlight that exactly matched the one I was missing. He did not have the right bracket to attach it, so he said to go see Jerry at Boca Grande Cart Rental. Then Richy from Key Agency walked by to comment on how nice the shop looks, he sees the cart and says, ‘Send me the police report. I’ll get it taken care of.’ So I called Jeff (the Lt. at the sheriff’s office) and he was about to drop off a copy of the report.
The cart is with Jerry and Lee getting repaired as best it could be so Ben, my nephew, would have wheels with lights by that evening! So grateful!
I would also like to thank my “families” at Hudson’s, the Bakery and the Barnichol for their sacrifices in providing us all our essentials and a tiny bit of normalcy in this wild world we are living in today. I’m so blessed to live here.
Be well,

Sue Sligar

Boca Grande