LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many thanks for a wonderful Ladies Howl tourney

May 9, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:

The first tournament of the season started off with a fun night of fishing for 22 boats filled with ladies fishing the Ladies Howl at the Moon! The tarpon were biting, and the action started right at the start with cries of “fish on,” and howls and squeals of excitement in the first few minutes and all evening!

In all, there were 39 fish released in the three-hour tournament. In first place was Capt. Frank Davis and Stephanie Devlin’s team, who won with four tarpon. In second place was Capt. Wayne Joiner and Wendy Herda’s team, who took their prize with three tarpon. In third place was Capt. Dumplin Wheeler and Ashley Coleman’s team, who caught the last tarpon of the night for an exciting end of the evening.

Thanks to Scarpa’s Coastal for hosting the opening cocktail party, and thank you to everyone who donated the wonderful gifts to the grand raffle of over 35 prizes: dinners, golf, jewelry, gift bags, gift cards, art work, flowers, etc.

Thanks also to our hard working tournament team Betsy, Jill, Kacy, Leslie, Melissa for gathering all the raffles and organizing this event.

Thanks also to Wesley for jumping in at last minute to assist with the judging!

The proceeds benefit The Gasparilla Island Museum. We are grateful for your support!

The Gasparilla Maritime Museum Board

William Woodroffe, President

Kacy Cheske

Hal Coleman

Daniel Godwin

Nat Italiano

Betsy Joiner

Carol Napoli

Becky Paterson