Letter to the Editor: Helping hands needed at Suncoast Humane Society

May 1, 2015
By Boca Beacon

SuncoastHumaneS logoTo the Editor:
As their seasonal volunteers leave for the northlands, Suncoast Humane Society is looking for summer volunteers at their animal care center and thrift stores. The Society has a variety of volunteer positions available, including those that work directly with animals, people, or both.
Dog walkers and cat cuddlers provide socialization for canines and felines awaiting adoption. The dogs are walked, leash trained and exercised. Cat cuddlers provide attention, such as holding, grooming and loving the felines. All of this helps to prepare adoptable animals to become loving companions in their new homes.
Visitor assistants welcome visitors to the Society, answer basic questions, and provide tours through the adoption center.
Foster parents provide temporary homes and care for special needs pets. These include those too young for adoption, slightly ill, or in need of proper socializing before being placed for adoption at the animal care center.
Thrift store volunteers should be energetic, personable and at ease with working in a retail environment. Volunteers help accept quality items for sale, sort, assist with displaying merchandise, and assist with sales. The Society’s thrift stores are located in Englewood, Port Charlotte and Venice.
For more information, contact Suncoast Humane Society at (941) 474-7884, visit humane.org, or stop by their adoption center at 6781 San Casa Drive, Englewood.
Phil Snyder
Executive Director
Suncoast Humane Society, Englewood