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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t forget to check before digging

June 8, 2023
By Boca Beacon Reader

 To the Editor:

Hurricane season has finally arrived, and as you share advice with your readers to best prepare them, there is one simple step they can take to help keep them safe and avoid making a difficult situation worse – contacting 811.  

 Repairing damage after a storm seems like a harmless action, but if done incorrectly, an underground utility line could be hit and result in serious injuries (even death), service disruptions and costly repairs to essential gas, electric, communications, water and sewer lines. Digging without knowing what’s below is the disaster that awaits after the storm. That’s why it is the law in Florida to contact Sunshine 811 before you dig.  

 Sunshine 811 is a free public service that alerts member utility companies to your dig so that they can mark underground facilities on your property. Simply visit or call 811 two full business days before anyone starts digging. Even something seemingly harmless such as replacing a broken fence or mailbox, digging up a downed tree or grinding a stump shouldn’t be done without contacting 811 first. If you hire a contractor to help you, make sure they 811 too. And, if the worst comes to pass and you hit or expose a utility line, do not touch it or attempt to fix it. Contact the utility immediately to avoid further danger. 

Thanks for your consideration, and be safe this hurricane season. 

Elisa White 

Public Relations Specialist

on behalf of Sunshine 811