Kitty in a car almost fried feline

May 11, 2015
By Boca Beacon

Firefighter Alex Moore and Lt. Lee Cooper of the Boca Grande Fire Department did their good deed for the day

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – While some people say their vehicle “purrs like a kitten,” island resident Ruth Amen can say it with a whole new meaning.
On Saturday, May 2 island resident Ruth Amen was taking some things out of her car when she heard a strange noise coming from near the engine block. She had just returned home on Baily Street from the Palm on Park Store, but she couldn’t imagine what she was hearing.
It sounded like … meowing?
Yep. It was a kitty, wedged so tight up near the engine block that it couldn’t get out. Ruth’s daughter, Cara, insisted they find the little animal.
Lt. Lee Cooper and his firefighters from the Boca Grande Fire Department were called and came to the rescue. It took awhile, but after jacking the car up with air bags they were able to retrieve the almost-fried feline.
“That car was so hot, we could barely put our hands in there,” Cooper said. “It was in an area where I couldn’t even imagine how it got there.”
Firefighter Alex Moore was so enamored of the cute kitty he adopted it on the spot.
“I told him he should call it Baily, since that’s where he saved it,” Ruth said. “A huge thank you to the BGFD for their valiant effort. Boca Grande has the best firefighters! They even adopted it on the spot. I don’t even know whesn it got in there, it might have been there all day!”