Island waste collection assessment to increase

August 30, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

Charlotte County has reached an agreement with Waste Management to continue providing waste collection to residents of unincorporated areas of Charlotte County, beginning Oct. 1 Residents will see an increase in their sanitation assessment rates. The increase was negotiated during the recent rate case provided for by County Ordinance, which allows the contracted sanitation service provider to request rate adjustments for collection every three years.
The current maximum annual assessment of $172 set in 2004 for unincorporated Charlotte County and Boca Grande is proposed to be raised to a maximum of $340 for unincorporated Charlotte County and $360 for Boca Grande. The current maximum rate of $357.84 set in 2008 for Don Pedro/Knight Island is proposed to be raised to a maximum of $575. The new maximum rates will allow for the projected increases in sanitation services for the next eight years.The new rates to take effect Oct. 1 are as follows: Boca Grande, $233.01, Don Pedro/Knight Island, $357.84.
For commercial customers in unincorporated Charlotte County, the new agreement allows Waste Management to fine customers who overfill their dumpsters. Waste Management will give the business an initial warning, allowing the business to either exchange its container for a larger one or increase the frequency of collections. Repeat offenders will be charged $125 per occurrence for any subsequent violations for exceeding the container capacity. Residential curbside services effective Oct. 1 are as follows: Bulk curbside – maximum of four cubic yards per week. Once- per-week collection of garbage cart, recycling cart and yard trimming – maximum 10 paper bags, bundles, or cans not to exceed 40 pounds each. eWaste – up to four items per year (October-September). Lead acid batteries, used motor oil and oil filters. Appliances (white goods) – up to four per year (October-September). Tires smaller than 22 inches with or without rims (limited to six per year, October-September).
Under the new agreement, residents will receive an enhanced bulk curbside collection allowing up to a maximum of four cubic yards per week to be collected on the same day as their regular service. Beginning Oct. 1, residents will no longer be restricted to the current limit of two bulk collections. Additionally, the new collection agreement will enhance the appearance of Charlotte County by having the bulk debris collected weekly. Residents will be required to limit the bulk waste placed at the curbside to the maximum four cubic yards permitted. Once the sanitation services are provided on the collection day, there should not be any excess debris or carts. All excess bulk or carts left curbside must be removed within 24 hours to avoid being cited for noncompliance of Charlotte County ordinances. Residents whose bulk waste exceeds the maximum four cubic yards can set it out on collection day of the following week or take it to one of the County’s free transfer facilities. The Mid-County Transfer Facility is located at 19765 Kenilworth Blvd. in Port Charlotte, and the West County Transfer Facility is located at 7070 Environmental Way in Englewood. Residents may also contract with Waste Management or another business of the residents’ choice to remove the excess debris. The current scheduled collection service days will remain the same for all curbside services. Residents are encouraged to visit the County’s website,, to learn about the numerous sanitation services available.
This report was made available with the help of Richard Allen, the Charlotte County solid waste operations manager. You may reach him at Richard.Allen@CharlotteCountyFL. gov.