Island Sheriff’s Office substation moves to Community Center

October 4, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

After 15 years of having an office in the Boca Grande Fire Department, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is moving out.
According to Sheriff’s Office representatives, the substation has relocated from 360 E. Railroad Ave. to the Boca Grande Community Center, located at 131 1st St. W.
“The new substation will serve to provide general information to the community, accept reports and conduct mandatory trainings,” said Public Information Officer Gary Levine. “We will be sharing office space with Parks and Recreation and Lee County Parking Rangers. Additionally, the new location places us next door to The Island School, which serves kindergarten through fifth grade.”
The Boca Grande substation was located in the Fire Department building since it opened in 2004. Prior to that their office was where the Boca Grande Health Clinic Annex is now.
Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies Angelo Lanni, Chris Nebel, April Tomyn and their supervisor, Lt. Jeff Corkhill, will be focused on actively patrolling the town of Boca Grande, the beaches of Boca Grande on ATV, as well as the local waterways surrounding Boca Grande on the LCSO patrol vessel to address various violations.
“We look forward to another season of working closely with the Lee County parking rangers, as we share a common interest in keeping the beach accesses and the public beaches properly patrolled to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents and guests,” Levine said.
The office number will not change, and is 964-2400. You can also use the Sheriff’s Office nonemergency number, (239) 477-1000.
If you have an emergency, dial 911, and don’t forget to tell