I Wonder …

March 11, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
The paranoid Boca Grande Society of Social Engineering strikes again, and this time its random target is tour buses.
?I wonder how much a school bus weighs. I wonder how much the blood bank bus weighs. I wonder how much the trucks that bring us our food, beverages and sundries weigh. I wonder if we were sold a bill of goods when we were told we needed to rebuild the bridge because it couldn’t bear weight loads. I wonder why a bridge that can handle 80,000 pounds is rated at 40,000 pounds. I wonder who decides to fine an overweight vehicle or turn it away. I wonder if those trucks that were loaded on island with pieces of the old bridges were allowed to traverse the bridge without being weighed. If a passenger bus weighs too much, I wonder how many mini-buses it will take to carry the same load.
I really want to know an estimate of how much traffic would be eased if trucks that bring our goods were allowed to come onto the island with full loads. I’m not sure where to get those answers, because our elected officials at GIBA are a big tight-lipped.
I certainly know we were allowed to form the Bridge Authority with the understanding we would operate the bridge for the benefit of all Floridians. I know the Constitution of the United States forbids interference with interstate commerce. I do know that when we rebuild the sewage treatment plant, we can cut traffic by about 850 trips for that project if cement trucks are allowed to cross the bridge with full loads.
It is an embarrassment to all island residents when policies on parking or whether someone is worthy of crossing the bridge are dictated by a handful of elitists.
I wonder how you turn a bridge designed for right of passage into a tool of selection.
And I know if the off-island media get hold of the fact that we are lying about what the bridge can hold in order to discriminate, it’s going to make the Sam saga look like … well … water under the bridge. The picture of elderly people being forced to walk over a bridge that’s under construction is an image that makes us all look bad.
Skip Perry
Boca Grande
Planet Earth