Hudson’s Grocery would-be counterfeiter to stand trial in federal court

July 23, 2021
By Staff Report

The Sarasota man arrested for attempting to use counterfeit money at a Hudson’s Grocery on May 18 has had his case moved to the federal courts.

 Local Lee County deputies arrested Dennis Michael Aigotti, 53, of Sarasota after he allegedly tried to pass fake bills in the Park Avenue store.

According to reports when Aigotti was stopped just a short distance from the store deputies found counterfeit bills, utensils such as scissors and a color printer used to make the conterfeit money, and resume paper.

Aigotti faced the courts on July 15, at which time the State Attorney’s office abandoned charges of possession of forged notes, uttering forged bills and possession of tools for forgery and/or counterfeiting.

The charges were dropped in order to have the case deferred to a federal court. Aigotti was indicted by a federal grand jury.

Aigotti’s fate will now rest in the hands of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Middle District of Florida.