Howling at a blue moon

May 24, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

The father and the son took honors at the “Howl at the Moon” Invitational Tarpon Tournament on Saturday, May 18 in Boca Grande Pass.
Capt. Lamar Joiner Jr. and his “Searene’ team of anglers that included Richy Edwards, Angel Serralles, Brandon Dignam and Ty Serralles took first place with four tarpon released in the tournament.
Capt. Travis Joiner on Family Tradition (Lamar’s son) and his anglers – Jesse Morse, Jesse Osborne, Scott Clyne and Mike McGuinness – took second place with three releases.
Third place with last tarpon released was Capt. Matt Coleman on Faithful II with William Woodroffe, Liz Woodroffe, Matt Young and Alex Young. They had two releases that night.
With an average release time of five minutes, 29 tarpon were brought to the boat in the tournament. In all, 21 boats completed the field.
This year’s “Howl at the Moon” Tournament will be counted as a qualifier for the Jay Joiner Memorial Buckle. The tournament is presented by Gasparilla Outfitters.