Historical Society documentary regarding COVID-19 to air

May 2, 2020
By BBadmin7502

SUBMITTED BY THE BOCA GRANDE HISTORICAL SOCIETY –  Jim Blaha, Chairman of the History Center, recently initiated an effort to document the Island’s current experience with the Covid-19 virus for the Historical Society’s archives. He contacted Rick Montgomery of Island TV and the idea grew into a documentary that will begin airing today.
The program includes 15 interviews with heads of island organizations, fishing captains, business managers, county services, religious leaders and residents. Each person shares his/her experiences and impressions of island life during the past weeks.
Fire Chief C.W. Blosser comments on the difficulty getting personal protective equipment. Mark Spurgeon, Boca Grande Real Estate, believes “businesses that do survive will be stronger.”  Sharon McKenzie, BIPS Executive Director, regrets that so many events had to be cancelled and the parks and programs closed.  “Sadly, we’ve had to lay-off all of our part-time workers and all of our full-time workers have taken a pay cut.” John Turner is hopeful. “We will get through this like we always do.” Nancy Jo Powers, who did the documentary’s on-camera interviews, says she wants to be in Boca Grande when things open again and hopes “that we’ll have a big celebration that we’re still here.”
Blaha dedicates the documentary to the community of Boca Grande. He says he wants to preserve this unique time in current history for future researchers as well as provide today’s viewers an overview of the present situation. The complete interviews done by Island TV will become part of the History Center archives.
Viewer access to the documentary is at bocagrandetv.com. Then click on the Covid-19 screen below the large photo (it’s the fourth one from the left after Caddy Carts) or access through the Covid-19 link at bocagrandehistoricalsociety.com.