Historic Board approves two requests to renovate properties

August 14, 2017
By Marcy Shortuse

The Boca Grande Historic Preservation Board approved two certificates of appropriateness at its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 9.
The first item on the agenda was a request to construct an addition to the existing garage into the front of the property at 1071 10th Street East.
The applicant proposes to construct an addition to the existing garage on the current driveway extending toward the front of the property. The parcel is at the northern end of Palm Avenue and the east end of 10th Street East at the interior comer of the intersection of two streets. To the east of the property is the Silver King condominium complex. To the west and north are single-family residences. It is a noncontributing designated property.
The proposed garage will extend 20 feet from the face of the existing garage. The garage will be eight feet closer to East 10th Street than the existing front pergola and front facade of the main building. It will be covered by a new gable roof that will be perpendicular to the existing gable roof and the line of the street.
Lee County zoning planner Peter Blackwell stated that staff members reviewed the site plan and find the project to be consistent with the design guidelines for the Boca Grande Historical District and Land Development Code (LDC) Chapter 22.
“Staff finds that this change will not conflict with the character of the Boca Grande community, and we recommend approval of the project,” Blackwell said.
Acting chair Bill Caldwell made a motion to approve the project. Tim Siebert seconded the motion and it passed.
The next item on the agenda was a request to propose re-roofing on the property at 360 Gilchrist Avenue.
The applicant proposes to remove the existing low bitumen roof over the rear of the house and the existing clerestory roof over the rear porch and replace this roof section with a single low-pitch roof of composite panel material. The new roof is proposed to be approximately 24 inches higher than the existing roof and will require that portions of the side and rear walls be raised approximately 24 inches.
The proposed roof will not conflict with the general Boca Grande aesthetic or character. As a noncontributing property, there are no historic features or characteristics to be affected. The orientation of the building will remain unchanged.
Lee County zoning planner Peter Blackwell said staff finds that the proposed construction conforms to both the Boca Grande Design Guidelines and Chapter 22 of the Land Development Code.
“Staff recommends that the Historic Preservation Board make a finding that the proposed demolition of the existing roof, construction of the replacement roof, and raising of the existing walls to meet the proposed roofline is in compliance with the design guidelines for the Boca Grande Historic District and LDC Chapter 22; and approve the request,” Blackwell said.
The third item on the agenda was a request to propose a commercial structure at 354 Park Avenue. However, the applicant wished to defer the item until the next meeting.
A motion was made and passed to remove the item from the agenda.
Five board members attended the meeting: Bill Caldwell, Susan Hanafee, Tim Seibert, Rebecca Paterson and Guerrino Savio.
The next meeting is planned for 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017.