Hill Tide sees an end to private pier project, reconstruction of old dock continues

June 12, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

BY OLIVIA CAMERON-The shoreline just past Hill Tide Estates at the south end of the island is still dressed in orange. The private pier expansion continues to barrier off the beach with orange netting. Beach goers are still prohibited to cross under the pier in regard to construction site safety.
This observation pier is intended for private use of the Hill Tide Estates. Seagate Development Group has been working to re-deck the original pier structure and extend the path. The waters at the mouth of the Charlotte Harbor line the shore for a stunning cobalt color. 
Seagate Development Group has confirmed the pier reconstruction is on schedule with completion coming in roughly 70-75 days. Supports for the missing portion of the pier will be underway in the next few days. The construction barrier will remain on the beach until project completion to ensure the safety of the public.
With the supports to its expansion being built in the upcoming week, the observation pier will be designed to reach what’s left of the dolphins (circular platforms marking old oil structures). These dolphins give residents are a reminder of when Boca Grande was involved in oil and phosphate transportation along the old train rails. As a part of Old Florida history, phosphate was a high demand mineral that would be brought from the Peace River. The pier will sit above the deep waters that once contributed to worldwide shipping.
As Developer superintendent Gary Arrowood has previously stated, the public is to remain a safe distance from underneath the construction site. The private asset will offer residents a clear view of the turquoise ocean locals know and love.