Help clean up the north fishing pier

June 2, 2017
By Marcy Shortuse

Does the sight of litter on our precious island annoy you to no end?
A new business owner has been spending time each morning picking up trash around the north fishing pier, and he’s asking for your help tomorrow.
Aaron Koher, owner of Glass Bottom Rentals, is organizing a cleanup event Saturday June 3 at the north fishing pier from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Glass Bottom Rentals is a new business that rents ultra-light, clear kayaks daily from the north fishing pier. The boats are made from polycarbonate, which is the same material as bullet-proof glass. Aaron and his wife, Katie, started the business in February of 2017.
The business owners are Massachusetts natives who first moved to Florida in 2005 and stayed for about eight years. They moved back north for several years, but soon realized how much they enjoyed Florida and wanted to return to the sunshine state. Upon returning, they found a way to have fun in the sun while earning a living at the same time.
The Kohers pay a rental fee to Charlotte County Parks to be able to use the site daily as a launching site. Aaron said almost every morning when he brings the kayaks down to meet his clients, the area surrounding the fishing pier is filled with beer and soda cans and the remnants from fast food meals and other snacks.
“It’s awful – I try to pick up as much of the litter as I can every morning, but I just don’t understand why the problem exists because there are trash cans right there on the property,” he said.
And after Memorial Day weekend, the amount of trash Aaron removed on Tuesday morning was more than one person could handle without help from others.
An environmentalist at heart, he even takes it one step further when he is leading tours out on the water by picking up plastic bottles and other trash floating out on the water.
“We have to keep our oceans clean if we want to be able to continue to enjoy them,” he said, hoping to set a good example for both his younger and older clients.
Aaron will be leading the clean-up operation tomorrow. He’ll also provide trash bags, gloves and poke sticks. Please bring water.
As added bonus – If you fill up a bag with trash you’ll get a coupon for two free hours of adventure time in a glass bottom kayak (limit one per family).
If you’re interested in helping on Saturday, just show up at the pier at 10 a.m.
For more information, visit or call 941-237-1756.