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From The Island School … ’tis Bubble Day!

November 4, 2022
By Guest Columnist

By Donna Catanzarite

Fifth-grade students at The Island School have been busy investigating physical science. Through a variety of hands-on activities, fifth grade has been learning about the “super powers” of matter. On Friday, Oct. 21 we scheduled every class to visit fifth grade to learn about solutions. 

Each fifth-grade student was paired up with a younger student. Then the fun began! We combined  three liquids – water, dish detergent and glycerine – to create a special bubble solution.  

Students used a pipette to create bubbles that they could hold on a gloved hand and bounce and catch. They also made a “square” bubble and were even able to slide a toy car into a bubble without it popping! The bubble “towers” were  an exciting ending!

Our “fifth-grade scientists” helped all students to observe, predict, experiment, ask questions and create.