Four-legged and two-legged, hear the call, prepare the frisbee and the tennis ball …

March 28, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

STAFF REPORT – Ladies and gentlemen, dams and sires, it looks like we are a “go” for completion of our dog park.

According to Lee County Communications Specialist Tim Engstrom, Lee County Parks & Recreation is working to schedule a public input opportunity for the dog park that will be located on Wheeler Road, and the design is expected to be completed this summer. 

Construction is slated to begin and finish before the spring of 2022.

Many mourned the closing of the 7th Street dog park in September of 2019, but Lee County already had a basic plan in the works for the Wheeler Road ballfield, which has been used very little in the past 10 years. Lee County has already placed dog waste bag stations and trash receptacles at the field, though fencing is not complete.

In November of 2019 Lee County Parks & Recreation held a very brief public meeting regarding the proposed dog park, and offered up two potential parks – one was a “bare bones” park with minimal landscaping and a smaller big dog and little dog partitioned area. The second plan included many more amenities and was larger, which also meant the ballfield would no longer exist.

Jessie Lavender, executive director of Lee County Parks & Recreation, said the County will go through with the full-scale, larger park.

There is some contention about the project from some of the neighbors on Wheeler Road, but paper ballots that were handed out in the meeting in November, as well as the many emails and phone calls to the County, showed overwhelming support for the project.