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Flipped truck, water rescue call and a towel on fire top the lists this week for Boca Grande Fire Department

January 6, 2022
By Staff Report

The Boca Grande Fire Department responded to numerous calls this week, including multiple alarm calls and ambulance calls. The highlights, though, are as follows:

On Friday, Dec. 31 the fire department responded to a call of a kayak flipped over with two adults and two children in the water. While they were all wearing life jackets, they were unable to right the kayak and get back in. A second kayak had already floated away. They eventually washed to shore on their own.

On Monday, Jan. 3 the fire department received a call of an overturned dump truck on Lee Avenue. Apparently the ground was unstable and that was the cause of the incident.

On Wednesday, Jan. 5 the fire department responded to a call of a “structure fire” on Banyan Street that turned out to be a towel on fire. It had already been extinguished by the time firefighters arrived.