Ever wonder what you miss when you’re gone for the summer?

October 9, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Good morning, Boca Grande! Wake up and smell the cinnamon twists. It’s time to dust off the ol’ croquet mallets and bring your seafood appetite from your landlocked states. Season is about to be in full swing.
While many of you were gone and reminiscing about the tropical temperature, you missed the tumbleweeds crossing over to the Loose Caboose. The locals have been walking the streets barefoot and indulging in taco Tuesdays since you’ve been gone. Unsurprisingly, the sandbar has been a popular destination. 
Locals retired their busy schedules and fell into a productive summer of bliss. 
Of course, many businesses have been operating with special hours or closed for annual maintenance this summer. Now is the first time in months that we’ve seen a few family golf carts on the path and a filled parking lot across from Hudson’s Grocery. 
The clothing and jewelry shops that have been there to provide eclectic designs in the past are eager to welcome customers for another season.
Bella Vida is also holding their “Grande” reopening to kick off a season of smoothies. Above all, every shop owner and restaurant waiter is anticipating a strange but still busy season. Especially since the summer has been strange enough. 
In the meantime, the quiet seaside town has adapted to a few healthy habits. Local residents have taken the opportunity to soak up the sun and sea or bike around town. Kayak and paddleboard shops have seen an increased interest in rentals.
Above all, outdoor activities have been all the rage. People across the nation have seen the pandemic fuel a surfing boom. Outdoors is the new indoors. 
Now that Boca Grande’s population is expected to increase as the holidays approach, it is important that people keep safety protocols in their minds. To many, Boca Grande is more than a destination. It is home. 
So while we welcome back visitors who have grown to love the little town, we are all reminded to keep the island safe.