Due process for all is good, but what about this slippery slope?

July 10, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
There’s been a lot of news in the past few weeks. I would like to throw in my two cents.
Anyone who thought the Beacon’s editorials were left-leaning should reread my friend Marcy’s editorial on due process. If you have ever seen Marcy and me standing on the Beacon porch, arms flailing in the air, me yelling in audible words, we are probably “discussing” guns. I’m familiar with the due process argument as it applies to gun ownership. It is an NRA talking point.
I would ask Marcy and anyone who advances this argument to please tell me, where is the due process for the 49 victims of the Pulse mass shooting? Where is the due process for the 30,000 gun-related deaths a year?
The editorial asked us to educate ourselves on weapons. Here are some items you should Google: Bumpfire, drum magazine, hollow-point ammunition. That’s just a start.
Marcy also pointed out that Hillary is free to campaign while under investigation because due process allows her to. She’s innocent until proven guilty. That’s the same right that allows Trump to campaign while he is under investigation for fraud, and Trump has actually been in court 3,500 times. Due process is for everyone, not just Hillary.
A week later in a Beacon editorial, Sheriff Mike Scott, a Republican, once again in uniform, attacked the President of the United States and blamed him for rising gun and ammo sales. Then he went on to tell us that we’d better buy some guns and ammo, because he can’t guarantee our safety. I’m going to buy some stock in guns and ammo, because apparently our country is run by an NRA marketing strategy.
Now to the local news. I was chatting with a bridge board member who told me their last meeting would be about budgets, no mention of weight limits. So I didn’t attend, lesson learned. Had I been there, I would have pointed out that the board can’t do anything it wants; it’s there to do what we want. I would have asked about this slippery slope.
Is it a slippery slope that will lead to allowing 80,000-pound loads that we were guaranteed? The 80,000-pound loads this state mandates? Or will we go down the slippery slope of placating the paranoid social engineers who permeate the cocktail circuit?
Skip Perry
Dodge City
Planet Earth