Deputy to the rescue in the case of the wayward kayaker

January 3, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

Jeff Koziol had a bit of a scary experience in Boca Grande waters on New Year’s Eve, but thanks to the help from our local law enforcement, everything worked out all right in the end.
According to Koziol, he was kayaking in rough weather on the north end of Boca Grande that day, having fun riding the waves back and forth. When he was about 150 yards from shore the wind and waves blew the kayak over.
“When I climbed back in I noticed my Hobie pedals had washed overboard,” he said. “I dove back in to get the pedals, but after I found them the kayak started to blow away. I couldn’t catch it, so I swam back to shore.”
Koziol said when he got back home he called the sheriff’s office to let them know what happened.
“If an empty kayak was reported, I didn’t want them looking for a person,” Koziol said. “Lt. Jeff Corkhill appreciated the call and said that he would have a boat out later and keep an eye out for the kayak.”
Later Lt. Jeff called Koziol and told him to go back to the beach, where he found his kayak several miles from where he went to shore. 
“It was too rough to bring the boat ashore, so I met him at the docks next to the Pink Elephant,” Koziol said.  “Thank you, Lt. Jeff!”