Code enforcement takes down COVID safety signs and others

July 24, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

BY MARCY SHORTUSE- On Monday, July 20, Lee County Code Enforcement was busy on the island again, this time because of an anonymous complaint about signs.
According to Lee County Communications Director Betsy Clayton, the call came in several days ago that there was an abundance of illegal signage around the island. It is not known if the caller specifically named the Boca Grande Health Clinic signs that used to be posted around town regarding COVID-19 safety.
The code enforcement officer also took down signs for a local business that just opened, as well as a few others.
“The signs were taken down because Lee County Code Enforcement received two complaints via anonymous calls of signs posted in the right-of-way,” Clayton said. “There is no document that exists regarding anonymous phone calls made to Code Enforcement, therefore it is not possible to breakdown total number of complaints by zip code.”
So far in the last two months the only two complaints showing up on the county’s code enforcement website are both unfounded. Neither one relates to the signs in question. One is for a potential code violation at a new building site, the other is in regard to a manatee sign that was allegedly improperly displayed.