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ECOWATCH: The puppet masters are pulling strings again 

February 3, 2022
“If we are not graced with an instinctive knowledge of how to make our technologized world a safe and balanced ecosystem, we must figure out how to do it. We need more scientific research and more…

ECOWATCH: Are we giving our pets more than love?

January 29, 2022
“Dogs and cats now suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more, just like humans, and researchers are now investigating common risk factors for pet owners.” – Scientific America…

ECOWATCH: The war against wildlife continues

January 21, 2022
“All that breathe are precious. Who is to say that the suffering of a sparrow is less worthy of solace than the pain of man? The spark of life is no dimmer simply because it is encased in fur or f…

THE ISLAND GOLFER: Taking up golf? A better chance for success if you excel at tennis

January 12, 2022
Long dubbed country club sports, tennis and golf experienced a resurgence in popularity in the past 20 months due to pandemic-related dynamics. Both sports have risen from a consistent decline ove…

DOG LIFE: Food and treats for your dog

January 12, 2022
This topic is very controversial. Everyone, including pet food companies, claims to have the best food for dogs. The truth is, it depends on the individual dog. As long as your dog likes it and ha…

ECOWATCH: Who is responsible for toxic algae in Florida waters?

January 12, 2022
“We have not used our water well. Our major rivers are defiled by noxious debris. Pollution from cities and industries kills fish in our streams. Many waterways are covered with oil slick and cont…

ECOWATCH: Is the web of life collapsing?

January 5, 2022
“We warned that one day  you would not be able to control what you have created, and that day is here.” – Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Lakota Native American spiritual leader                     …

ECOWATCH: Welcome to the New Year, but let’s remember the past

December 30, 2021
“There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek.                         But the wi…

EcoWatch: Sharing nostalgic island memories of the past

December 24, 2021
“To bring a departed one back to life is no great magic. Few are wholly gone;  blow on a departed man’s embers, and a live flame will start .”   – Robert Gra…

Horoscopes for 12-24-21

December 24, 2021