5F v BGIPOA: It may be wrapped up – then again, maybe not

BY JACK SHORT – The most recent development in the ongoing dispute between the Boca Grande Isles Property Owners’ Association and 5F, the corporation that owns the submerged plats surrounding the Isles, may have signaled the end of the case with a reported contingent settlement. Charles Ross, esq., a certified circuit civil court mediator, filed […]

BIPS formally undertakes Range Light restoration

BY JACK SHORT – The Barrier Island Parks Society has formally undertaken the Range Light restoration, though the preparatory process goes back several years. At their meeting on Wednesday, March 11, board member Jim Grant read portions of letters from Donald Forgione, director of the Florida Park Service and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, […]

Islanders discuss possibility of new restaurant coming to town

BY JACK SHORT – Representatives of 111 Damfiwill, LLC., presented plans to the public on Tuesday, March 10, to renovate the shop at 360 Park Ave. and build a restaurant next door, at 354 Park Ave., and to provide off site parking at 421 Palm Ave. because of limited space near the proposed restaurant. Because […]

Guest commentary: Save The Tarpon legal fund drive promotes PTTS lawyer threat

BY TOM MCLAUGHLIN AND SAVE THE TARPON – A PTTS lawyer is once again threatening to haul Save The Tarpon back into court – this time in an apparent effort to thwart the group’s recent and ongoing legal defense fundraising efforts designed to provide the resources needed to fight back at Port Charlotte boat dealer Gary […]

OBGBBC celebrates: One man, two children, three books

The Johann Fust Library Foundation and Friends of the Boca Grande Community Center have announced that tickets are available for the One Big Grande Boca Boca Club celebration, scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 25 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Gasparilla Inn Beach Club. Did we mention that tickets are free?This year, OBGBBC celebrates three […]

Lee County School District makes historic decision, says ‘no’ to FCATS: But how does it affect The Island School?

Heads are spinning within the Lee County School District, as the school board voted 3-2 to opt the district out of standardized testing. The decision was made on Wednesday, Aug. 27, and it made history. Lee County is now the first county in Florida to opt out of the tests. What that means to supporters of the school board’s decision is that students will no longer be in dread of being held back because they failed the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, and that they will be graded on their schoolwork … not on their FCAT scores.