Profile: The new minister in town, Matthew Williams

BY JACK SHORT – Sometimes it takes a few knocks at the door before someone finally answers. For Rev. Matthew Morgan Williams, the new pastor at the United Methodist Church of Boca Grande, the call to pastorship came knocking three times before he knew he had to say yes. Matthew was raised a devout Christian […]

BGIPOA and 5F sued over settlement agreement

Twenty five years of dispute seemed to have been put aside — at least for a day or so. The ink was barely dry on an agreement between the Boca Grande Isles Property Owners’ Association and defendants 5F, LLC, and 5F BA, LLC, when those three entities and several other parties were named as defendants […]

Studying tarpon with … balloons?

BY JACK SHORT – Scientists from the Florida Institute of Technology hope everyone fishing the pass next week won’t be alarmed by the presence of an eight foot balloon floating 150 feet in the air, tethered to the back of a research vessel. They’re working out a concept for tracking tarpon schools, perhaps as far […]

Observers needed for World’s Richest

BY LEW HASTINGS – In case you were wondering what those beautiful tarpon posters all around town are, they are there to let you know that Southwest Florida’s premiere sport fishing event, the World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament, is just around the corner. You can only buy these limited edition posters at the Boca Grande Area […]

Agreement between BGI and TSI reached

BY JACK SHORT – A court ordered mediation has resolved 25 years of dispute between property owners on Three Sisters Island and in the Boca Grande Isles. The agreement provides the right to build road access to Three Sisters Island through lot 99 of Boca Grande Isles, where the two islands are connected, in return […]

A trip to Belize to study tarpon … are you in?

BY ADAM MARTON, THE FIELDWORKERS CLUB – This August a small group of anglers from all over the USA will be traveling to the Caribbean to participate in the Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition, a partnership between anglers and scientists with the University of Miami. This expedition is a unique opportunity for folks to pitch in […]

Have some fun and help out a local captain by fishing the ‘Tito’

One of Boca Grande’s charter captains, Capt. Jimmy Robertson, is in need of some good energy and prayers from the community as he faces stage 4 liver cancer and issues from a recent fall. Jimmy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver cancer that has metastasized to his spine. He has lots of treatments coming up, […]

Another stranded sea turtle found on island beaches

Another dead sea turtle has been found on a loca beach, this time at the very northern tip of the island. According to one sea turtle patroller, Marilyn Googins, she found it at the “northern end of zone 1 on Friday, May 15.” “There is a walkway easement off Sunset Pines Circle and it was […]

Gasparilla Island Kids Classic field almost full

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – When you feed a kid a fish, they will eat for a day … or push it around on their plate, at least. When you teach a kid to fish, though, well … sometimes you’ll create a monster. That is what Capt. Sandy Melvin is hoping for after this year’s Gasparilla […]

This Memorial Day, watch for manatees while on the boat

The Memorial Day weekend typically means crowded conditions on Florida waterways, and Save the Manatee Club cautions the boating community to keep a look out for manatees. “Collisions with watercraft are the leading cause of all manatee deaths in Florida, when a cause of death can be determined,” says Patrick Rose, aquatic biologist and Executive […]