Build a better world – be a part of the kindness tree

June 16, 2017
By Marcy Shortuse

Kindness is cool. That’s the message Johann Fust librarian Gladys Varga wants to share with island residents by encouraging them to spread a little joy – just because.
She created a “Kindness Tree” which will be on display at the library for the rest of the summer.
Supplies are available on a table for people to stop in during library business hours and choose a colored paper leaf, write an idea for a kind deed or action and then tape it on the cardboard kindness tree.
The intention is for people to share an idea for an act of kindness and hopefully inspire others to repeat the good deed.
Varga is in charge of leading children’s programs at the library, but she said adults are also encouraged to participate as well.
“We can never have too many random acts of kindness,” she said.
She said just last week a two-year-old (with the help of his parents) taped his idea to the kindness tree.
“He helped me pick up books and put them away after family story time, and I could see he was happy to help,” Varga said. “So his parents helped him make a leaf. Even at such a young age, it feels good to be able to share a positive idea.”
Some of the current colored leaves on the tree state, “Say please and thank you,” “Respect animals,” and “Embrace diversity.”
Share some joy. Stop by the library to add your random act of kindness to the tree today.