Boca Grande named as one of islands in Zac Brown Band’s new song, ‘You and Islands’

August 7, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

“Let’s get back to you and islands Compass Cay and the warm salt air,
Staring at that blue horizon
Close my eyes and I’m right back there.
I swear the sunset at Boca Grand(e)
Made us fall in love again
I can’t forget that last night …”
If you haven’t heard the newest Zac Brown Band single called “You and Islands,” released on July 31, you might want to give it a listen because our island is mentioned.
According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Brown said the song, co-written by himself, Ben Simonetti and Adam James, is an attempt to take listeners to another place in their minds, far away from words like “quarantine” and “social distancing.”
In the interview Brown said, “This unprecedented time at home has given us the opportunity to write and share new music with our fans. As we continue to navigate through this together, we hope our music can bring you a little bit of positivity and transport you to a different time and place – even if just for a few minutes.”
If you want to give the song a listen you can check it out on Apple iTunes or watch it on YouTube. Just type the name of the song, “You and Islands,” in the search bar.