Boca Grande Historical Society seeks volunteers

June 15, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

Summer weather is in full swing and the island is getting quieter, but this is actually the busiest time of year for the Boca Grande Historical Society.
As members prepare for a new season, help is needed to discover new and interesting facts about our island’s history, and you can even assist from your northern location.
You can give as little or as much time as you like – all help is much appreciated.
Here are a few areas of need at the moment:

  1. Photo identifier: This is an interesting and fun opportunity to review historical photos and provide information such as time period, location where picture was taken, and document things in the photo such as trees, cars, etc.
  2. Computer file organizer: This person would be looking at what is on our external hard drive, reading and reviewing it and then transferring the information into our computer subject files or elsewhere on the computer. For instance, if it were a History Byte it would go in one location on the computer. Photos would be moved to another location. This task could also be done at home. Training will be provided.
  3. Scanner: This person will scan subject file materials and put them into folders on the computer.
  4. Historical reviewer: This person will view CDs and DVDs to determine what is on them and fill out a simple form. The CDs contain History Bytes, former speaker presentations, photos, transcripts of oral histories, old movie clips, etc.
  5. Architectural reviewer: Bring a friend along for this job to help review architectural drawings of island homes and businesses. Then you’ll fill out a basic form with information taken from the drawing.
  6. Historic District sleuth: This person will gather information about homes in the Historic District. This could be from county records. You’d be looking for the builder, year built and first owner, interesting stories about the house and additions or remodels.
  7. Community documenter: This person will gather information about island communities like Seawatch, Boca Grande Club, Dunes of Boca, and document the builder, year built, anything else of interest and importance.
  8. Past Perfect expert: A volunteer is sought who is experienced with Past Perfect software or computer savvy and willing to learn.

Training will be provided for all of the positions listed.
“You will get to work in a fun, collaborative environment and learn lots about the fascinating history of Boca Grande,” said Boca Grande Historical Society Volunteer Coordinator Mel Csank.
For more information, call Mel at (941) 855-1347.