Boca Grande Fire Department receives LIFEPAK 15 from Boca Grande Health Clinic

April 2, 2021
By BBadmin7502

The LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator shown above was purchased for the Boca Grande Fire Department by the Boca Grande Health Clinic. The funds were donated to the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation by Lois and Joe Hayden. This equipment has already proven itself invaluable on the island.
Chief Blosser explained that some time ago when they had a cardiac call on the north end of the island and another person walked into the station with a cardiac emergency, the person who had walked into the station had to wait for care because the truck was gone with their one monitor/defibrillator. In that instance, everyone received the appropriate medical attention and was okay, but this scenario made Chief Blosser think about medical equipment needs at the fire station. Mark Driscoll, CEO of the Clinic, is happy that they could provide this piece of live-saving equipment for the Boca Grande Fire Department.
Photo: Jeff Knowles, Patrick O’Connor, Jason Hutchison, Mark Driscoll, Nancy Coleman and C. W. Blosser with the new LIFEPAK 15.