Bad weekend weather makes for many fire calls

September 11, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

STAFF REPORT- Labor Day weekend weather was temperamental, including some major storms, which led to several fire calls.
On Saturday, Nov. 5 the Boca Grande Fire Department received a call of a watercraft in distress in local waters, as a storm came up quickly and they were taking on water. 
The Fire Department was unable to respond by boat, as the storm was at its height with a large amount of lightning, high winds and heavy rain. They coordinated with the boaters, some of whom were already in the water, and were able to pick them up at the Gasparilla Inn & Club Golf Course.
The fire department also responded to several alarm calls on that day, which is common when it storms as the lightning and thunder often set them off.
On Sunday, Sept. 6 the fire department and ambulance also responded to the area of Sea Grape Beach Access for a sting ray sting, to which the patient appeared to be having an allergic reaction.