An update from the post office …

April 5, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

In a continuing effort to attempt to resolve our confusion and conflict with the Boca Grande Post Office, a meeting was initiated recently between our post office administrator and her direct manager. The topic of conversation regarded the proper addressing of mail and packages, and specifically how it is being handled by our local post office.
These conversations focused on both the correct and ideal addressing of mail – including letters, large envelopes and packages – as shown below.
Example one is the ideal way to have something addressed that will be handled by our post office:
Name: John Smith
Physical Address: 10 Park Ave.
P.O. Box Number: P.O. Box 1234
City, State Zip: Boca Grande, FL  33921.
Shown below is the method that best aligns with the postal service nationally:
Name: John Smith
Physical Address Box: 10 Park Avenue Box 1234 …
The next one will work but is not a perfect fit with the postal service’s system:
Name: John Smith
Physical Address, #: 10 Park Ave #1234 …
There is a clear understanding by higher post office administrators that we are experiencing problems, and they are also aware of the specifics of those problems. There is an awareness of the urgent need to prevent future issues, in order to restore confidence in the local post office operation.
Based on recent conversations with the post office and islanders who have had “addressing encounters” in the past couple of weeks, it appears there is more being done to complete successful mail delivery at our post office.
Several people have been made aware of address conflicts with their deliveries but have still been given their mail. If you have had such experiences, good or bad, please let us know.
We are cautiously optimistic that service will improve, and that returned or undelivered mail will dramatically diminish.
From what we have been told, the post office will make every effort to deliver our mail, as long as they can determine the correct PO Box number.
When leaving the Island for the season, be sure to give your alternative (northern or summer) address to your vendors or correspondents to avoid forwarding issues.
If we do our part to make sure we are providing the right address for delivery, we have high hopes our post office will do their part to make sure delivery takes place.