A tribute to an island ‘Wonder Woman’: Kimi Harms celebrates 20 years at the Boca Grande Preschool

December 18, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

STAFF REPORT- If you’ve lived on the island for any length of time and you have small children, chanes are good you know the wonder that is Kimi Harms. For two decades she has soothed the fears, wiped the tears and encouraged love and laughter when it comes to the island’s smallest residents.
This week marks 20 years of Kimi’s involvement with the Boca Grande Preschool, formerly known as the Boca Grande Childcare Center.
“After working with Kimi for the last eight years, I continue to be amazed at her undying dedication to providing a quality educational experience for the children of Boca Grande, and to providing a trusted, safe and caring environment that gives the Boca Grande families peace of mind,” said the preschool’s president Angela Steffan. “Her passion for the Preschool is contagious and she deserves big kudos from the Island Community for her 20 years of service.”
See next week’s Boca Beacon for more on Kimi’s 20-year celebration.