A message of hope, just when we need it most

April 3, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

As children, many of us had “fairy god mothers, secret santas or maybe the tooth fairy. They were special envoys sent to cheer us up or bestow a small gift. When I think about those times in my childhood it brings a remembrance of happiness and comfort. You knew that someone cared about you – you felt special.
Someone in our community has done this for me during the past week. This lovely token of wisdom was left at my door. I felt so uplifted. This has been such a stressful and challenging period and someone took the time to tell me it was going to be OK, that we would get through this together and we would help one another. This powerful message on a little rock meant the world to me. It was filled with encouragement, comfort and happiness – all in a tiny pebble.
To my “secret someone,” thank you. Your small act of kindness became a large source of strength. This has meant more to me than you can possibly know. You made me feel special and there are not enough words to express my gratitude.
Mary Ann Van Lokeren