A message from the Clinic: Taking a much-needed break? Get back to work safely

August 21, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

BY DR LAUREN HANA – A lot of questions have come up in the last few months about dealing with   COVID-19 illness, symptoms or exposures involving individuals in the workplace or elsewhere. This prompted the post of relevant information on these topics on the Boca Grande Health Clinic website at BGHC.org. An additional question more recently has been how a business should handle a return to work for an employee who has traveled or gone on vacation.

Let me say first that any governmental rules take precedence. For instance, Governor DeSantis’ executive order in March required anyone entering Florida from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut to quarantine for 14 days. This order was just recently lifted on August 6.  International travel may have quarantine restrictions in place by federal or state authorities on return to the U.S.

I would also note that nonessential travel continues to be discouraged during a global pandemic.  However, it would be hard to argue that getting away and taking a break would not be considered essential to everyone’s mental health and sanity at this point!

I spoke about 6 weeks ago with a friend who remembered reading an article in a prominent newspaper that likened calculating COVID-19 risk to counting Weight Watchers points, and I thought that was a good way to think about analyzing risk: in “exposure points.” She noted that she prefers to spend her “exposure points” on her family. So, if she wanted to spend time with her grandkids, she might stock up on groceries so she could skip a trip to the grocery store that week. Or she could put off a trip to the salon to get her hair or nails done for two more weeks to allow for family time instead.

The following risk tool is what the BGHC is using to help employees safely return to work. It is directed at healthcare workers and can be used as a guide, but each individual business should make modifications as appropriate for their particular situation.

Return To Work After Non-essential Travel Risk Tool

Method of Travel:

Air= 2

Car= 1

Location(s) visited:

Hot= 3

Medium= 2

Not= 1

Potential Exposures

High Risk= 3 (close contact for 15 minutes or more or repeated contact, EITHER you OR your contact NOT wearing mask)

Low Risk= 1 (Masks worn by both you and your contact, hands washed, limited exposure time, distancing practiced)

              ________     TOTAL

0-4 POINTS: Follow low-risk exposure protocol

5 OR MORE POINTS: Follow high-risk exposure protocol


Low risk protocol= no restriction from work, self-monitoring for symptoms for 14 days.

High risk protocol: Restrict from work/work from home, active monitoring for symptoms by supervisor for 14 days (Self-monitoring and Active monitoring log sheets can also be found on our website at BGHC.org).

I use the rolling seven-day average percent positivity for the travel destination. This information can be found on each State’s Department of Health website, at least by county and sometimes even by zip code.

“Hot” spot = 15 percent or higher positivity rate

“Medium”  = 11-14 percent positivity rate

“Not” hot spot  = 10 percent and under positivity rate

Close Contact = within 6 feet

Three examples:

• Mike went camping with his family in Birchwood, Wisconsin, August 1- August 14, 2020.

They drove a rented RV. He was not in close contact with anyone outside of his household. Wisconsin has a statewide mask mandate so everyone was required to wear a mask. The rolling 7 day average positivity rate for Washburn County Wisconsin is 0.4 percent.

Mike’s total score is 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. So he will return to work and self-monitor for any symptoms for 14 days and return his completed log to his employer and immediately report development of any symptoms.

Another example:

Lisa went to Key West, Florida, to celebrate her birthday with her family.

They took the Key West Express.  Monroe County has a mask mandate and everyone on the boat and on land in Keys is required to wear a mask. She remarks that police were even out on the streets enforcing the mandate. She always wore her mask and was not in close contact with anyone without a mask. The rolling 7 day average positivity in Monroe County in Florida is 12%.

Lisa’s total score is 1 + 2 + 1 = 4. So she will return to work and self-monitor for any symptoms for 14 days and return her completed log to her employer and immediately report development of any symptoms.

A third example: Jessa went to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party. When she arrived at the airport in Las Vegas, she met up with the bride-to-be and 9 more of her friends that also flew to Las Vegas from California, Arizona, Illinois and New Mexico. They had not seen each other in “ages” and ate out at restaurants, drank and basically “threw caution to the wind”.  Sometimes they wore masks but not always and to save money, they all shared 2 hotel rooms. The rolling 7 day average positivity in Las Vegas, Nevada, is 16%.

Jessa’s total score is 2 + 3 + 3 = 8. So she will be restricted from returning to on-site work and work from home for 14 days while being actively monitored daily by her supervisor. She will immediately report development of any symptoms to her supervisor.

(Disclaimer: The individuals, their trips and the actual percent positivity for the locations mentioned in the examples above are fictitious and only used to illustrate the point of the risk tool.)

Obviously, these examples are fairly clear cut and real life situations will all be unique. The bottom line is; we all have to continue to encourage our employees to make smart choices, remember that the process remains based on honesty and trust and that there is really no activity that has ZERO risk. Stay well!

Dr. Lauren Hana is a physician at the Boca Grande Health Clinic.

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Touch-free hand sanitizer machines are still available, along with face masks and no-contact thermometers, for any business or organization that has signed the pledge. Please email requests to

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We are in this together and together we can make a difference!
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