‘Tempting’ morsels for hungry families: Local restaurant now doing more than just takeout

April 17, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – In the last few weeks, getting groceries has become quite a challenge. It’s a rare day that you can make a list of everything you want and actually get it, but most of us do find our basic needs met. 
But what if your basic needs include things like a really nice filet mignon, a handful of crimini mushrooms thrown in, and maybe some romaine hearts? That’s when you call The Temptation, because they’re not just for take-out any more.
Co-owner Jeffrey Simmons said their idea to do take-out groceries came when they had excess food they weren’t using, due to the shutdown of the dining room.
“It started with limes,” he said. “We had some we weren’t using, so we put them in the (liquor) store. Chef Kevin had the idea of putting a ‘list’ out there for the public as we were able to get some things that the public was struggling to find, such as meats and paper products.”
The prices aren’t bad, either. You can get a 16-ounce rib eye for $20, baked potatoes for $1 each and an oversized loaf of white bread for $8. Knowing the quality of food The Temp serves, you know it will be good.
So will they continue once life returns to normal, whenever that may be?
“I’m not sure we have the space or manpower to continue with it once everything is open again,” he said, “so we’ll just take it as it goes. So far, it’s gone really well & kept the kitchen staff very busy.”
Call The Temp at 964-2610 for more information. You can find grocery order forms on their Facebook page, just search “The Temptation Restaurant.”