Runoff pipes from two projects raise questions with island residents

July 23, 2021
By Staff Report

Two separate construction projects in the same area have been raising some questions, especially because they involve water running off into Charlotte Harbor and the Bayou.

The first project is the Gasparilla Island Water Association’s new wastewater reclamation facility, which is located in the same area the old treatment facility on The Gasparilla Inn & Club golf course. Because of the nature of the facility it is necessary to run a fire service line, which is the portion of a water line preceding the backflow prevention assembly, supplying water to fire sprinklers or fire hydrants. It requires a deep hole being dug, and the water coming out of that facility into the Bayou is from the hole.

The second construction project is being done by The Gasparilla Inn & Club at the point of their golf course where the Bayou goes out into Charlotte Harbor closest to Boca Grande Marina.

Tropical storm/possible hurricane ETA that blew through last year damaged the sea wall at that location, and Charlotte County Seawall is working quickly to get the wall fixed before another bad storm comes through. In order to fix the wall, water must be pumped out.

Both projects have DEP certification for the pumpouts.

If you have any questions about either of these processes, email and we will get your questions answered.