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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many thanks to the community

April 20, 2023
By Boca Beacon Reader

Dear Boca Bay and Boca Grande friends,

I want to say THANK YOU for all of the support that you have shown me as I have discovered my cancer diagnosis and started to undergo treatment. I have always felt so lucky to be a small part of the island community, but I had no idea how deep this community goes. As I am not a resident on island but an employee, my experience of the island has been a bit more distant. When I first found out about my diagnosis, so many of you cried with me, offered me wonderfully supportive stories of survivorship, and offered to pray for me or just send positive thought out to the universe. Each and every one has been felt! I literally felt like this caring community reached out its arms and embraced me and gave me a soft place to land.

Thank you for all of the cards, emails, texts, meals, gifts and visits. From the Boca Babes exercise ladies, to my clients, coworkers and other members of Boca Bay, and all of those from the church communities that have been praying for me, you all are incredible. As I start my chemotherapy next week, I enter this next challenge feeling so loved and motivated to push through to return to the island next season. I have always tried to live a life of gratitude, and it has only intensified as you have shared yourselves with me and shown me love. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and that we can get together again next season to celebrate life.

Very sincerely,

Jennifer Haranda