LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Just one of the reasons to love our island

March 27, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor,

So, last week, I ran into Hudson’s for a few things. At the checkout, Robin handed me a tissue wrapped “gift”: the sunglasses I had been searching for for days. She said, “Do these look familiar?”

Turns out I had left them at her stand a few days earlier. She tried to catch me as I was driving away. No luck. So she took the time to memorize my car, AND my license plate. And then waited patiently for my inevitable return. Meanwhile she made sure my beloved sunglasses were safely tucked away under the counter. When I returned, she recognized my car, and she made sure I got them.

Wow. What a sweetie.

Hudson’s has a jewel in Robin. And we all have a jewel in Hudson’s. And we certainly have a jewel in this island.

I don’t think I’m EVER leaving.

Thank you so much, Robin!!

Mary Mithun

Wayzata, Minnesota and Boca Grande