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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In search of the umbrella slasher

March 11, 2022
By Boca Beacon Reader

To the Editor:

This past week we have had some very unfortunate happenings on our beautiful beach here in Boca Grande. 

It all started on Monday, Feb. 28 when we glanced out to the beach and saw that ALL of the beach umbrellas from Seagrape to the first section of Sundown had been removed and were laying on the ground. We were perplexed about this and notified the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. They responded quickly and checked out the beach.

Most owners of the umbrellas replaced them that morning. Tuesday, March 1, we were very unhappy to find that many umbrellas had been knocked over and some broken. One again, most of the umbrellas were straightened. 

On Wednesday, March 2, much to our shock all of the umbrellas had been slit with a knife. We contacted the sheriff’s office and they immediately responded.

As homeowners in Seagrape we own to the water line. We understand our beach umbrellas must be removed for turtle season by April 30, which we enforce.This investigation is ongoing so we are hopeful that others who share our love of the beach will call the police if they have any information to help solve this crime. 

Thank you to Lee County Sheriff’s Office law enforcement officers Dept. Angelo, Dept. David and Lt. Jeff for all that you do to serve our community.

Susan Peacock

Boca Grande