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November 3, 2022
By Guest Columnist

To the Editor:

Someone asked me last week, “How are you doing?” The pat answer is “I’m fine.”

I’m not really. 

I’m better than most. But there’s just something that’s not right, not me. I am functionally depressed.

Not that I’m mad or angry at anyone or God. I’m not emotionally or psychologically damaged beyond what “normal” looks like in these times. I just can’t function at my best or as usual. I see the things I need to be doing, but I just can’t make myself understand how to do them or how to start, let alone stay on task. Maybe in understanding that this too shall pass and giving myself a little grace, I can get back to the job(s) at hand. I hope this helps anyone else who is suffering from functional depression. Be kind to yourself and others. 

Bette Bowen

Boca Grande