Lee County sets hearing dates for sidewalk ordinance discussion, with more to come

October 8, 2021
By T Michele Walker

The Lee County Office of the State Attorney has set the dates for a direct and public hearing. This meeting is a follow up to the August 11 Boca Grande Historic Preservation Meeting with proposed Lee County ordinance NO. 21-XX.

“The Board is anticipated on November 2 at its regularly scheduled 9:30 a.m. meeting to set a public hearing date,” said Betsy Clayton, APR, CPRC, Communication Director for Lee County Government. “That date would be Dec. 7 at the regularly scheduled meeting.”

Lee County Government attorney, Amanda Swindle, presented the ordinance at the August 11 meeting in Boca Grande. “This is the product of really great work by DCD staff working with the attorney’s office to draft this proposed ordinance. It was originally going to be a permitted yearly situation. The way it’s drafted now, it would not require permits or any action on the part of the county.”

 Swindle continued to explain that the ordinance would allow things like tables and chairs, signs, and outdoor displays on the sidewalks that are adjacent to businesses with approved commercial use.

 “There would be a requirement that items are removed when business is closed or a requirement that appropriate pedestrian travel is maintained and that parking spaces, bike racks, things like that aren’t blocked,” Swindle continued to explain. “There’s also a provision for in the case of emergencies, hurricanes, or some other kind of safety situation, that county has the right to go and ask that things be removed and put inside for safety reasons.”

Boca Grande Residents can come to the Board of County Commission for public comment in person, or they can provide electronic comments by visiting leegov.com and clicking on “agendas” and “ecomment.”