GICIA celebrates 50 year anniversary with restoration of the Walking Path

November 27, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

SUBMITTED BY THE GICIA- The Gasparilla Island Conservation and Improvement Association is pleased to announce that work to restore the GICIA Walking Path began on Monday. The 3.5-mile, sand path, which was exclusively designed for walkers and runners, is being refurbished with 30 loads of coarse sand.
In 2021, the GICIA will celebrate its 50th Anniversary working to protect island life. Under non-pandemic conditions such a wonderful event would include a Grande Community celebration. The GICIA Board, with the Communities health and safety a priority, have decided that such an event is not suitable with Covid still an issue of concern for our Community. 
It has been over 30 years since the GICIA Bike Path was constructed and opened to the public. In that time, with the community’s generous support, the GICIA has continued to beautify the 35 acres of property that creates the gateway to Boca Grande. As a treasured and highly used amenity to island residents the GICIA decided that a perfect show of appreciation during the yearlong 50th Celebration would be to enhance the Bike Path property.
Refurbishing the walking path seemed like a perfect project. The GICIA has contracted Kelley Tractor to regrade the path with coarse sand, grading it to the top of the curb and rolling to help compact the material.   Work on the path will be completed by Thanksgiving and the new coarse sand will have a noticeable impact to runners and walkers who choose to avoid the pavement. The additional sand will also visually enhance the appearance of the path. The GICIA asks that bikes and golf carts stick to the paved path leaving the sand path as a safe alternative for pedestrians. 
As residents and visitors use the GICIA Path, please remember we are coming into the busiest time. With a generous grant from the Boca Grande Woman’s Club the GICIA has scheduled the Bike Path Safety Details to begin this week. Please be cautious and courteous while enjoying the Path. Take a moment to imagine Boca Grande today if there was no GICIA. If you are interested in becoming a member of the GICIA, please contact the Office at 964-2667.