EARS takes in Louisiana flood shelter dogs and cats, help is needed

August 26, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

Marian Lutz stands outside EARS in Englewood with one of the Louisiana rescues. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE C

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Marion Lutz, the Director of the Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary (EARS), has been a very busy woman in the last few days. She, as well as a group of dedicated volunteers, has been taking in dogs and cats from flood-ravaged areas in Louisiana. These animals were already in shelters when the flooding took place – they are not misplaced – and they are ready for adoption. If you aren’t ready for such a big commitment, the second-best way to help is to foster.
Right now, EARS is in need of cash donations, foster families, paper towels, scrub brushes with long handles, dry and canned food for dogs and cats (call EARS to confirm what type of food), clay cat litter (Publix brand), large dog kennels and large-breed leashes.
So far EARS has taken in 20 dogs and 12 cats, including a pregnant dog who is due any day.
Yes, fosters are most certainly needed right now.
Call (941) 681-3877 any day of the week except Sunday and Monday during normal working hours to find out more information. Please help in any way that you can.