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DOG LIFE: Do’s and Don’ts when owning a dog

March 4, 2022
By Harry Kalajian, MDT
Always try to change your going-out times, so your pet doesn’t become dependent on a specific schedule. For example, if you always take your pet out for a walk at 10 a.m., it will get used to that. What happens if one day you can’t go out at 10 a.m.? Your pet will get frustrated and will act out. But if Fido doesn’t know just when he’s going to go out, he won’t bother you. Also, at times make sure that you go out without your dog, so it can learn to stay home by itself. And don’t come home during your lunch hour just to let the dog out or spend time with it. Although your intentions are good, what happens one day when you can’t come home?

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