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Dog Days at Lemon Bay: Suncoast Humane Giving Challenge 2022

While the Suncoast Humane Society has named its fundraiser, “Dog Days at Lemon Bay,” they want you to know they are critter-inclusive. All creatures, great and small, from kitties to rabbits, parakeets to guinea pigs, are given love and care at the Suncoast Humane Society.

On Wednesday, April 6, at 5:30 p.m., the Suncoast Humane Society will hold its final fundraising event of the season, just in time to take advantage of the Giving Challenge.The cost is $150 per person, with cocktails and dinner provided by Chef Micheal Durett. Make reservations by March 30 to Margaret Ann Behrend,, (908) 752-5164.

“It’s our last fund-raising event before the Day of Giving Challenge, which is April 26 to April 27,” said Debbie Lynch, member of the Board of Trustees and co-coordinator of the event. “We’re raising funds for the day-to-day operations of the shelter. So much money is needed to cover the shelter’s normal day-to-day operations.”

“Operating costs for the Suncoast Humane Society are substantial, running just at $2.5 million a year,” explained Jacque Hoyt, member of the Board of Trustees and co-coordinator of the event. “We’re hoping that with the Giving Challenge, we’ll be able to raise $100,000.”

The event, which is open for members and nonmembers of the club, is being held at the Lemon Bay Golf Club, featuring cocktails and dinner prepared by Chef Michael Durett. 

“It should be a really fun evening, and the food is great at Lemon Bay,” said Lynch. “Michael Durett is coming up with a great menu that includes beef tenderloin, shrimp stir fry, charcuterie board, assorted appetizers and salad. It’s just going to be a great menu, not to mention it’s an open bar.”

The event will feature eight different silent auction items. “Many of the items involve various experiences. It promises to be a unique show, with something for everyone lots of laughs and a good time. We also have a surprise live auction, but that’s all I can say about that,” Lynch added with a laugh.

“Dog Days at Lemon Bay” is the third and final Suncoast Humane Society fundraiser of the season, and there’s a good reason why the fundraisers are scheduled during this time of the year. 

The donations stop coming in once the season ends, as many island residents leave Boca Grande. The Suncoast Humane Society depends on the funds raised to cover them for the entire year. “It’s just something to think about in terms of why we’re scheduling it this way,” explained Hoyt. “This is the last time we’re going to reach out to you to support such a good cause.”

It’s a worthy cause, as Suncoast Humane Society is a no-kill shelter that serves Southwest Florida, including Charlotte and Sarasota Counties, Boca Grande, and beyond. Suncoast Humane Society helps more than 50,000 animals and people each year.

“We were so grateful to the community for the support they’ve already given, and we’re hopeful that they will continue to see this as a comprehensive effort,” said Hoyt.

Their vision says it all: “Because pets need people, and together we have a lot of work to do to create a world where all pets are loved, we help pets and people live happier, healthier lives filled with love.”