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OBITUARY: Bonnie McGee

October 12, 2022
By Marcy Shortuse

We lost another island light. Bonnie McGee lived on the island for many years and was known as a woman who was a most soft-hearted joker and the life of the party. If there was a way to get you in trouble, she would find it. Her charm, sense of humor and beauty always got her out of it, though.

She was born on March 9 in Natrona Heights, Penn. We won’t give the year, as she would find that unnecessary. Bonnie studied nursing at Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I and received her BSN there. 

She had a big heart and such a great love of her friends … and boy, did she have a lot of them on the island as she lived here for many years. There is peace knowing that she is now with so many more of her friends who passed before her, though.

Bonnie passed away in her sleep at home in Carmel, Indiana on September 21, more than likely with Oliver, her beloved dog, at her side. He was a well-known face at the dog park when it was on 7th Street and was frequently seen in the passenger seat of her yellow golf cart, Truly McGee. 

She absolutely loved to travel, particularly with her friend Claire, and not long before moving off island she spent a lovely time in New York City with some good island friends. Bonnie loved fashion and was always perfectly made up and coiffed (except for at election time when she could be found with her friend Becky P on a barstool at The Temp, both of them wearing pajamas), so she loved visiting places where she could wear her best and look her finest. 

At the same time, she loved nothing more than going iguana hunting with her dear friend Midge Calahan, who passed away before her. She would get so excited when talking about their exploits, ducking down in the bushes and lying in wait for the lizards with their .22s. She was a pretty good shot, too.

Bonnie also loved throwing parties. Hostessing was her bag, especially when it came to her legendary Christmas parties. And if she could, she would have gone out to eat every night with a different group of friends … and many nights she did. 

Bonnie eventually moved out of her big 5th Street house (which had burned down at one point and was rebuilt), and moved to Carmel, Ind. She got to spend her last years with her son, Christian, and his wife, Sarah, as well as her two beautiful granddaughters, Sophie and Libby. She loved life so much with them, and with Oliver. 

Bonnie will be missed so much by her friends, but now she is our slightly twisted guardian angel … and that is a beautiful thing. 

Rest well, beautiful, crazy lady.