LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gratitude shown through with beautiful, small gifts

June 5, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

To the Editor:
This is our second season on the Island. We knew there was something incredibly special about this place but these last few months have shown us the true charm of Boca Grande. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible dedication of the entire Boca Grande community during this uncertain time. It is refreshing to see store owners, restaurants and residents all working together to keep the islanders safe. 
To show our gratitude we painted shells and have started placing them around the island in hopes that when people see them it will add a little happiness to their day. They are not meant to be collected, just enjoyed.  They can be counted by both curious children and adults on a “shell hunt” or photographed for memories. They are a reminder to stay strong, stay safe, and celebrate Boca Grande. But, most importantly they are meant to generate smiles from all!
Thanks for everything! 
Becky Hummel Kenyon
Kenilworth, Ill.