Howl ends tourney season

June 25, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – The 2021 Howl at the Moon Invitational Tarpon Tournament that was originally scheduled for May 22 was held this past Saturday, on June 19 in Boca Grande Pass.

Capt. Charlie Coleman and his team aboard Casuarina took first place after releasing their one and only tarpon in the tournament … but they still had to sweat it out for two hours and 56 minutes to make sure that crown was secure.

Capt. Wayne Joiner and the Hey, Moma! team released their first – and last – tarpon not long after and caught a second place. The “last tarpon released” prize went to William Woodroffe’s team on the Faithful II, as they released their tarpon at 11:02 p.m.

Woodroffe, who is also the tournament coordinator, said there were eight releases overall in the tournament, and he admitted the bite was as slow as it was in most of the season’s other tournaments. The highlight, he said, was hearing Smitty Smith back on the radio as the head judge and announcer, after his extended break from the mic due to health reasons.

There were 21 boats in the field for this tournament.

“We donated $100 per each entry to the Gasparilla Island Maritime Museum for a total of $2,100,” Woodroffe said. “Although the fishing was slow, committee Smitty cheered us on throughout the three hours. It was great to hear his voice on the radio at night again.”

This tournament wrapped up the 2021 season.